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Cubiko distils key information and helps your practice make task prioritisation, process improvement and profit growth simpler than you ever thought possible.

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Cubiko tames the data beast

Tired of wrangling different data sets? Cubiko harnesses over 100 data points, integrating and translating disparate data into meaningful insights about your practice.

No work. No spreadsheets. No uploads. Just the data you’re longing for to guide your decisions.

What Cubiko can do for you

Cubiko delivers critical practice insights that equip you to respond to complex challenges and achieve so much more.


  • Appointments per hour – Understand how busy you are and how many patients your team is seeing per hour.
  • Room utilisation – See how utilised your rooms are across the whole practice to understand the return on your room assets.
  • Recalls and reminders –Get an overview of the recall and reminders in your practice and pick up anything which slips through the cracks.

  • Team utilisation – See how busy your practice team members are in comparison to their utilisation targets.
  • Doctor to nurse ratios – Control your staff expenses by knowing when people should be rostered.
  • Future forecasts – See a forecast of your future utilisation and know whether you’re on target with budgets and rosters.

  • Revenue and appointments per hour – Are you seeing enough patients to generate income? Track gross billings and net billings to see whether you’re able to cover your base costs.
  • Future forecasts – Enables you to understand changes in your practice and adjust your weekly costs and income to cover base costs
  • Billing impact – See how self-isolation measures and telehealth consults are affecting your workload and billing per appointment. See a forecast of your future utilisation and know whether you’re on target with budgets and rosters.

Your all-in-one practice intelligence platform

You want to make informed practice management decisions. But you’re flat-out busy running that practice. You simply don’t have time to interrogate each separate data source then work some mathematical wizardry to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples.

With Cubiko, you can easily import and transform data from multiple sources to fuel powerful metrics and dashboards.

Cubiko captures your data and transforms it into timely, accurate, easy-to-understand dashboards that provide meaningful insights into your practice.

No work. No spreadsheets. No uploads. Just the data you’re longing for to guide your decisions.

Cubiko's products

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all so we’ve created three different Cubiko products for you to choose from according to your practice’s size and needs.

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Cubiko Assist

Free metrics to help practices through the pandemic.

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Metrics to help you translate data into meaningful insights.

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Cubiko Multisite

Gather metrics across all of your practices in one place.

About Cubiko

Cubiko was born and raised in primary care and is still run by GPs and practice managers.

We know you’re doing a vital job in challenging conditions, often with very tight margins. Cubiko is an agile tool that enables you to streamline your practice so that you have the insight needed to make the right decisions.

Since its inception, Cubiko has gone from strength to strength. In 2020, we succeeded in raising significant investment from the Queensland government and a private consortium led by a Queensland GP.

Creating technology-based solutions for health care is in our DNA. Combining management and clinical thinking to deliver results is what we do best.

We’re always developing according to your needs. When the COVID-19 hit, we quickly developed a suite of pandemic-related metrics to help you rise to new challenges. And we regularly roll out new metrics or functions based on feedback from customers.

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What our customers are saying about us

It's fast, it is accurate and it provides information that is relevant and useful in day-to-day managing of clinics.

Margo Hayes

Practice Manager at MoleChex

[Cubiko] has freed up my time to actually act and engage with my clinicians and staff with objective evidence in hand and focused strategies in mind.

Greg Davis

CEO Shoalhaven Family Medical Centres

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