Helping Practices Survive The Pandemic

Designed in response to your requests for additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taking care of patients when protocols are changing fast puts additional stress on the core systems supporting practice operations. The insights you gain here will help your practice fine tune its operations as new advice and pressures emerge.

The new COVID-19 dashboard supports Australia’s pandemic response by allowing you to:

Support tools: a snapshot of the metrics and insights available to you

Diary assistance for providers who will be away

With our workforce under immense pressures, diaries are fluid. Cubiko will identify any appointments that are booked for Practitioners who are now marked away.
e.g. Doctor A self-isolated; appointments needing to be rebooked will be listed and counted.

Monitoring multiple pandemic bookings

This pandemic has increased the practices team’s workload. Looking after our team is so important to ensure they stay well. Cubiko is assisting monitoring this with information around multiple concurrent appointments (eg. Double or Triple bookings) occurring.

Engaging with our usual patients

This insight will help the practice to ensure that regular practice patients, who fit into your frequent care group are still attending the practice. 

e.g. We usually see Mrs Smith on average every 3 weeks for care. We haven’t seen her in 5 weeks now, and we do not have any appointments booked in for her.  We should contact Mrs Smith and check in so that she does not present with real exacerbation which needs hospitalisation.

Uptake of telehealth item numbers

 e.g. I had 12 telehealth consults yesterday.  Is Medicare still rejecting these for no reason and how many have been paid? Are we increasing our usage of these item numbers? New telehealth item numbers are now available. As a practice, we need to know how we are utilising them and if Medicare is processing them. The metric will help you monitor usage and rejections.

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The frontline of healthcare in Australia has never looked like this. That's why we will be adding many more new features to Cubiko in the coming weeks. If you have a request for a metric or report, please click here or call 1300 CUBIKO.

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