Drowning in practice data but still thirsty for insights? It's time to get Cubiko.

What Is Cubiko?

Cubiko is a business insights tool that takes fragmented streams of data – from Xero, Tanda, Best Practice, to name just a few – and turns them into meaningful insights that inform your management decisions. 

Put yourself fully in the picture so you can make the best possible choices to sustain and grow your practice. 

Join the dots between your cloud-based companion accounting and staff rostering systems, your social media accounts and your PMS.  

Save time, increase transparency and focus your team. 

Our easy-to-grasp visual dashboards draw data from multiple systems to deliver frequent updates on critical tasks and metrics, informing daily operations and ongoing planning in your practice. 

Cubiko makes practice life healthier for everyone.

What Can Cubiko Do?

Track your income

Track gross billings and net billings to see whether you’re able to cover your base costs.

Appointment types and dates

Filter appointments by date and type so you can reschedule things like >75s health assessments.

Revenue and appointments per hour

Are you seeing enough patients to generate income

Diary assistance for absentees

Identify and rearrange appointments with providers who are now in isolation.

Practice forecasts

Enables you to understand changes in your practice and adjust your weekly costs and income to cover base costs during the pandemic.

Frequent care group

Identify patients with high care needs who have missed their appointments so you can continue providing them with vital care.

Future coverage

Ensure coverage and build future appointment count despite changes in doctors’ availability.

Track item numbers and usage

Which items do you use the most? How has that changed over time?

Billing impact

See how self-isolation measures and telehealth consults are affecting your workload and billing per appointment.

Demographics overview

Identifies which patient demographic profiles have grown or changed in recent months.

Face-to-face v telehealth

What percentage of your bookings now come from telehealth items and what revenue is it generating?

And more...

We’re rolling out new features regularly based on your feedback and the evolving COVID-19 situation.

What Do You Get With Cubiko?

Cubiko has over 100 metrics designed to inform your management decisions.

With a Cubiko subscription, you’ll benefit from:


Annual Subscription

Practice base fee $500 per practice (annual subscription)
Best Practice full-time licence fee Annual subscription
1-5 licences
$300 per licence
6-10 licences
$260 per licence
11-15 licences
$240 per licence
16+ licences
Please contact us
The annual subscription is calculated based on the number of Best Practice full-time doctor licences (1), part-time doctor licences (0.5) and allied health licences (0.25).
Custom set-up and onboarding $500 per practice One-off fee

(All fees exclude GST.)

Ready to see what Cubiko can do for your practice?

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