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We are so excited to partner with Tonic to provide support to practices around the country!

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We know you don’t have time to fiddle about with spreadsheets, so, data is seamless, pulled from the Best Practice software with no manual work required.

Make Sure You Keep Getting Paid for Your Telehealth Consultations

You’re working in a constantly changing situation, trying to treat your patients, bring in revenue and pay your staff.

Telehealth has helped protect your staff and patients while still bringing in money. But you now need to offer that service more carefully. 

That’s because Medicare will now only reimburse you for providing telehealth services to patients you’ve seen face-to-face in the last 12 months.

(That is, unless you’re under Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria or treating an infant under 12 months or a homeless person.) 

So, how do you work out which patients can still use telehealth? There was no easy way, so, in response to the announced funding changes, Cubiko created one. 


Identifying Which Patients Can Still Use Telehealth

Now, Cubiko has a simple way of showing you which patients you or your colleagues have seen in person within the last year.

If you’d like to know more about this metric, then watch our video.

Get into the habit of scanning your upcoming appointments regularly to make sure that you’ll be properly reimbursed for any telehealth consultations you provide. 

How can Cubiko help your practice?

We would love the opportunity to run you through the Cubiko platform. To arrange a time simply select from the form below.

It's a Team Effort

To get reliable data, you need everyone involved. That includes your clinical and non-clinical staff. You can motivate your staff by:

About Cubiko

Cubiko Assist is a distilled version of Cubiko, the leading practice business analytics platform in the country, which effortlessly combines all your practice’s different data sources – Google, Facebook, Tanda, Best Practice – into one easy-to-use platform. We are making Cubiko Assist available for 6 months free of charge.

We’re pioneers, delivering practice insights to your team, and empowering you to perform at your best for every patient, every day.

How you do that today is very different from how you did it a few months ago. The frontline of healthcare in Australia has never looked the way it does now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Adapting Cubiko to create Cubiko Assist is our way of equipping frontline practices to perform well during these times.

If your practice already uses Cubiko, you’ve already got Cubiko Assist’s invaluable new metrics. If your practice doesn’t use Cubiko, you can use Cubiko Assist for free to help you manage through the pandemic.

If you’ve got any questions, please call us on 1300 CUBIKO or email

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Cubiko Assist

Free metrics to help practices through the pandemic.

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Metrics to help you translate data into meaningful insights.

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Cubiko Multisite

Gather metrics across all of your practices in one place.

Try Cubiko Assist for Free

Love the idea of being a data-driven practice but don’t want to design your own dashboard? Use ours instead.

No work. No spreadsheets. No uploads. Just the data you’re longing for to guide your decisions.

Cubiko Assist is a free version of Cubiko containing 12 key metrics relating to COVID-19’s impact on general practice. It’ll help you manage your patients and your finances during this pandemic.

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What our customers are saying about us

It's fast, it is accurate and it provides information that is relevant and useful in day-to-day managing of clinics.

Margo Hayes

Practice Manager at MoleChex

[Cubiko] has freed up my time to actually act and engage with my clinicians and staff with objectiveevidence in hand and focused strategies in mind.

Greg Davis

CEO Shoalhaven Family Medical Centres

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